domingo, 28 de febrero de 2010

Michael Phillips - Mirrors Within Mirrors (2009)

Estilo: Thrash, Progressive, Instrumental

Mirrors Within Mirrors (2009)

1: All I Ever Wanted
2: Mirrors within Mirrors pt1 (Featuring Marl Solomon)
I. Outer Darkness
II. Infinite Mirrors
III. Divisions
IV. Tempus Fugit
3: Mirrors within Mirrors pt2 (Featuring Jimmie Brown)
I. Without Form
II. The Journey
III. Secret Games
IV. The Darkest Hour
V. Passion
VI. Nails and Tears
4: Prelude #3 from the well tempered clavier
5: Always Remember
6: Anthem
7: Omega
8: Seasons of Life
9: One Day
10: It's the Beat (Deliverance cover feat. Scott Waters of Ultimatum)
11: Who am I? pt. 1 (a song for Christopher)
12: I will praise Him still
13: Omega (guitars only)
14: Bonus Song

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