domingo, 10 de mayo de 2009

VA - The Best Christian Metal Hits of Collection - 2008

The Best Christian Metal Hits of Collection - 2008

01. Random Eyes - Living For Tomorrow (Melodic Metal)
02. Austrian Death Machine - Get to the choppa (Thrash Metal/Crossover)
03. Theocracy - On Eagles Wings (Epic Progressive Power Metal)
04. Letter 7 - Nail In The Cross (Heavy Metal)
05. Brian ‘Head’ Welch - Die Religion Die (New Metal/Industrial)
06. Seventh Avenue - Futures Dawn (Melodic Speed / Power Metal)
07. Virgin Black - The Fragile Breath (Doom/Gothic/Symphonic Metal)
08. inExordium - Imminent Particle Collision (Death Metal)
09. Sympathy - Insurrection (Technical Death/Symphonic Metal)
10. Darrell Mansfield - Spirit in the Sky (Blues)
11. With Blood Comes Cleansing - Lash Upon Lash (Death Metal/Deathcore)
12. Opprobrium - Mandatory Evac (Death/Thrash Metal)
13. Grave Declaration - To My Redeemer (Symphonic Extreme Metal)
14. Seventh Wonder - Fall In Line (Progressive Metal)
15. I Built the Cross - Encouragement (Grindcore)
16. HB - Piikki Lihassa (Symphonic Power metal)
17. Suspyre - Possession/ The Negative (Progressive/Symphonic Metal)
18. Sapphire Solace - Completely (Electronic Body Music / Synth Goth)
19. Fires Of Babylon - Lake Of Fire (Power Metal)
20. Incrave - Unveil the Truth (Power Metal)

4 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

se ve que eb este disco hay buenos grupos... muchas bendiciones

Oscur Poet dijo...

Gracis brother
ya hace tiempo buscaba bandas Chritians

se te agradese y segui adelante con esa buena musica

metal for God....

Don Petrucci dijo...

Esta seguro que Austrian Death Machine son cristianos? Random Eyes no son cristianos.

Anónimo dijo...

Seventh Wonder no es una banda cristiana mi amigo.