martes, 21 de agosto de 2007

I Sleepwalker - Snake River

Páis: usa
Estilo: Christian Metal / Southern Rock
Año: 2007

Snake River - 2007

01 Apocalypstick
02 Snake River
03 Sorry I Was Late, I Couldn't Find A Tie To Go With My Victory Cap
04 Let's Step Out Back And Settle This Like Men
05 Hey Baby Girl, Nice Shoes
06 I've Got A Pretty Good Feeling About This Headless Woman
07 The Butcher
08 Yeah Baby, We're Destroyers
09 These Colors Don't Run
10 This Time John Wayne Doesn't Walk Off Into The Sunset


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LoboNegro dijo...

el link esta malo, baja otro CD q no tiene nada q ver con Snake River